Hawaiian Prints History

Hawaiian Prints History

Since the 50's Hawaiian Print Aloha Shirts have become popular globally, rooting its place in History. 

Although the first Hawaiian shirt was crafted by a Japanese immigrant in the 20s, his idea snowballed through the 30s. That's when the first ad for an aloha shirt was published and people couldn't get enough of the bright and lively prints.

Air travel really took off in the 50s, with the inventions of planes, so did the popularity of Hawaii as Vacation Destination. This brought an influx of visitors to Hawaii and put a spotlight on the Aloha Shirt Hawaiian Prints. Coming from the Retro Atomic Design era, Hawaiian Prints Become widely popular and a favorite among many today.

All things tiki were in style and Hawaiian patterns blossomed in the fashion world. Hawaiian Print Designs can now be found in many industries in Apparel, Upholstery, and Print. 

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