Vintage Hawaiian Fabric

Vintage Hawaiian Fabric

We hold the largest collection of original Hawaiian fabric designs hand painted on paper from Hawaii and international artists. Fabric samples of production designs have been kept in the archives virtually untouched for up to 65 years.

Designs include pareaus, “silkies”, Asian designs, abstracts, batiks, tropical florals, palm trees, tapas, ethnics, conversational, gold prints and more. Fabric samples include designs printed on acrylics, cotton sateen, various dobby weights, tapa cloth, spun and mixed rayons and polyester synthetics.

Our library includes over 500,000 pieces of textile art and hanger samples from Hawaiian Textiles, G. Von Hamn Textiles (HawaiiPrint), S. Hata,  Park Forest, Alfred Shaheen, Marlo Fabrics and Trendtex Fabrics.   

Call or email for any inquiries and we will be glad to help you.

Hawaii Barkcloth

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