Trendtex Fabrics, Ltd. is the largest supplier of tropical barkcloth fabrics for the home furnishing industry. Our patterns are sold throughout the world and we maintain offices and warehouses in Honolulu and Chicago. Barkcloth fabrics date back to the 1950’s and many of our designs have been in our line for over 25 years.


The Hawaiian term for barkcloth is kapa. Traditionally, kapa was made from the wauke tree, stripped of its outer bark and soaked in fresh water to soften the fibers. The softened material was then pounded twice into a flat piece of fabric. Kapa became a symbol of rank and prestige in ancient Hawaiian culture, used most often by royalty and offered as gifts.

Today, barkcloth is made from 100% cotton, textured with a surface that is reminiscent of cushion covers from the early 1950’s.

Our barkcloth is ideal for residential and commercial uses. We use a variety of different weaves to make up our top end, “Bark Kahala,” a double twisted yarn which gives the face of the fabric a nubby and textured feel.


Our barkcloth is made from 100% cotton; a heavyweight weave fabric that is primarily used in Rattan creations. We are proud to be one of the largest suppliers of tropical print upholstery fabric. All patterns are made from original in-house designs.


Bark Crepe Cotton Dobby Yarn

Bark Kahala Double Twisted Cotton Dobby Yarn

Bark Kapalua Cotton Dobby Yarn

Hawaii BarkCloth

Final Sale on All Cut Fabric

All yardage is cut to order. Due to the nature of the business, we do not accept returns. We try our best to provide quality information, so that are customers are able to make a clear judgement on the artistry of our fabrics. We are happy to answer any questions prior to placing an order.

Hawaii BarkCloth


Want to join us? As the fastest growing fabric supplier in Hawaii, we are constantly pushing to new boundaries and driving business forward.

We thrive in a culture of restless innovation and encourage talented and inspired individuals to join our team - people who share our vision, and want to be a part of something big.

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