10 Upholstery Fabric Tips

10 Upholstery Fabric Tips
All Things Thrifty’s top 10 upholstery tips.
  1. Use a fabric that is thick enough to pull hard. Does it need to be upholstery fabric specifically? No. I have upholstered a few items in canvas and it worked great. Thin cotton fabric will not work, Hawaii Barkcloth is Thick and Strong enough for all your projects. 100% Woven Cotton, Bright Tropical Hawaiian Designs for your home.
  2. You should have a friend to help you while doing upholstery. Make the job much easier with a friend, the key for great upholstery is to make sure you pull the fabric tight. An extra set of hands to pull the fabric tight and the other will staple the fabric. This will produce better results, then if you did it yourself.
  3. Upholstering can be challenging, Each project will result in its own problems and challenges, Either the angle is too tight or you overlook a slight sizing error. Careful planning can help deal with those challenges as they come.
  4. Secure Quality Fabric Logically this does not make sense to me because upholstery takes time (A LOT of it). So make sure that it is worth it in the end. 
  5. Find a fabric that you LOVE. Don’t sacrifice design for the price. Ensure you love the fabric design. Upholstering is challenging and takes a lot of time. So make sure that the Fabric is something that you will LOVE.
  6. Plan Carefully. All the projects can be put together differently, and there are many different techniques to use on different types of upholstery. So, if you try one technique and it doesn’t work, then you can try another technique.
  7. Pull the fabric TIGHT. This is key in creating great looking upholstery, this is the difference between looking store bought upholstery vs something you did yourself.
  8. Use an air compressor with an air staple gun. If you are doing a large project, this has saved me hours and hours, and it has helped save my hands from being sore from squeezing a regular staple gun. 
  9. Tufting first and then pull the fabric tight. You need to pull the buttons through, secure them tightly and then pull the fabric tight. If the fabric is already tight, you won’t be able to pull the buttons tight enough. The second reason for this is making sure that the fabric is tight enough when the tufting is finished.
  10. Buy extra fabric(1-2 yards if your budget allows). Mistakes happen, If you make an error, the extra fabric means you won't have to get more fabric. Also, the extra fabric can be used to ascent your home with Bright Floral Tropical pops of color.

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