Tropical Beach Fashion

Tropical Beach Fashion

The Original And Best Beach Vibes Wear

With tourism in Hawaii soaring to new heights, Hawaiian prints are once again coming into vogue. Already, many celebrities have been spotted sporting these eye-catching and colorful patterns. How can you get ahead of this trend? We've got the perfect guide to help you surf this cool new wave.

Keep It Simple

An aloha shirt speaks for itself, so don't go overboard with styling. They're playful and exotic. Make it the centerpiece of your look. Stick with a pair of neutral pants or just plain jeans. Don't drape yourself in tons of accessories.

Slow Flow

Aloha shirts are made for work and comfort. Keep things flowing like lava and try not to be uptight. As a general rule, don't tuck in your aloha shirt. Women can get extra relaxed by pairing it with a long, flowing skirt. Add some sandals in a complementary color to play with the vibrant patterns. 

Only The Bold

We laid out the main rules - keep the rest neutral, don't tuck it in - and now we're going to shake things up. Hey, you have to know the rules before you can break them. If you want to try tucking in your aloha shirt, do it with a pair of high-waisted shorts. Add patterned shoes, like leopard print, for a truly wild ensemble. For the most advanced fashionista, pair your aloha shirt with an equally bold jacket. If you've got a floral Hawaiian print, try pairing it with a geometric print.

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